Emergency British Passport

Typically the only way to secure an Emergency Passport was to book an appointment at one of 7 Passport Office’s nationwide, travel to the office, attend the appointment in person (or have an Authorized Person attend) and then wait 4hrs for the new passport. For consumers who are travelling urgently this can not only be inconvenient & stressful but not possible if the applicant has work commitments or young children. As an independent organisation we are proud to offer an alternative that saves the applicant time, travel & accommodation expenses travelling to the Passport Office themselves. Begin Urgent Passport Process >>

Through our Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service an agent can collect the documents & old passport from your home of office address which once received at our Head Office will be lodged within 24 working hours at the London Passport Office’s processing department. If using the Premium 1 Day Service the agent will wait the 4hrs a the Passport Office and then post it via Secure Next Day Courier. If using the Fast Track 1 Week service then you will receive the passport 7 days later via the DHL Courier.


Our Service Charge

This service has a service fee of £98.50 which is separate to the passport fee itself due to Her Majesty’s Passport Office which is £128 for an adult passport is using the Premium 1 Day Service or £106 for an adult passport or £87 for a child passport if using the Fast Track 1 Week service.

Passport Fees

The fee that we charge if for the agents time and travel expenses in travelling to the Passport Office in person and for the below items included in our package. You can avoid our services and charges by attending the appointment yourself or having an Authorized Person attend the appointment on your behalf.

How to Receive an Express Passport

Step 1 = Read the Terms & Service and if happy to proceed complete this online form >>>

Step 2 = A UK Services’ approved agent will be visiting to collect your passport application form, two photographs, your old passport (if you have it) and any supporting documents.

Step 3 = The agent will then collect the documents from you, providing a receipt to ensure there safe return.

Step 4 = Once received we will lodge your passport  at the Passport Offices’s priority processing division.

Step 5 = Your passport will then be then returned to you the following day by a UK Services approved agent.

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Urgent Passport Renewal

This service is provided by UK Services who are not affiliated with Her Majesty’s Passport Office or the government nor do we have any ability to issue passports. We lodge passports on behalf of applicants so that they do not have to visit the Passport Office in person. In order for us to do this it is essential that you provide us with the correct documents such as…

  • Official Passport Application & Renewal Form (paper form)
  • 2x Passport Size & Quality Photographs
  • Completed credit/debit card form for passport fee
  • Authorization Letter permitting us to lodge the application
  • Any supporting documents such as the original certificate if you have legally changed your name.