Communication Preferences

You can find details below on how to update your communication preferences with us. Unfortunately if you have not paid our service fee you cannot request that we discontinue all contact with you (unless you have provided us with your solicitors details) until we are in receipt of the funds that you owe us. If you already paid for our service then you can opt out of all communication from us if you wish.

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STOP – Free Text Messages & Automated Phone Calls

Simply text the word STOP + Your 5 Digit Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (overseas: +447786200351). This is a standard rate text service that will prevent you from receiving further automated text messages or phone calls from us. You can find your 5 digit applicant ID in the emails and letters we have sent you and here >>>

STOP – Automated Email Messages

See the below of each email for instructions on how to unsubscribe from follow up emails and newsletters from us. We will still need to contact you via email if you still owe us a fee.

Request Your Details Are Removed

If there are no outstanding fee’s due on your account then we can remove your details from our database if you wish. Simply text the word REMOVE + Your 5 Digit Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (overseas: +447786200351). This is a standard rate text service. You will also receive email confirmation that your details have been removed.

Request Change of Contact Person

If a fee is outstanding we will need to continue to contact the person who the contract is against until we receive payment. However if you have appointed solicitors or are having an agent at a consumer body such as Citizens Advice Bureau assist you and would prefer that we deal with them directly please let us know by emailing: [email protected]

Make a Complaint About an Agents Conduct

If at any time you consider an agents conduct unprofessional, rude or unhelpful then you can lodge a formal complaint against them by emailing Mr Adam Strong at: [email protected] Please include as much information as possible such as the name of the agent, time of the call, any emails and letters you’d like to bring to the attention of Mr Strong. Please include your applicant ID in the email.

Need a Copy of Your Receipt/Invoice?

Simply text the word RECEIPT + Your 5 Digit Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (overseas: +447786200351). Our system will then email you a copy of your receipt within 5 minutes. No email? Please check your junk and spam folders. This is a standard rate text message service.

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