Standard Application & Renewal Process

You are about to complete an online form that will begin the process for applying/renewing a UK Passport. The fee you pay online includes the passport fee and our third party charge for providing a compliance check of the application form, supporting documents and photographs as well as sending it the correct HM Passport Office.

The standard service is not suitable if you are travelling in the next 6 weeks. If the applicant has held a UK passport in the past then we can secure a Fast Track 7 day or Premium Service 1 day appointment at one of seven Passport Offices throughout the UK for them if they are in a hurry and are willing to pay a premium.

First Time Application Inside UK

Standard Renewal Inside UK

Passport Applications Outside UK

You pay for your passport fee and our third party service charge when compiling a form via this website. A full list of our ancillary services found here > You can avoid our service by applying/renewing via official channels however many of the services we provide are not available through or many Post Office branches.

Passport Fees > Child (£) Adult (£) Our Charge (£) Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport 49 75.50 30 79
7 Day Fast Track 122 142 30 152
1 Day Premium N/A 177 30 207