Credit or Debit Card Charge

You may have seen the payment reference on your credit or debit card statement and wondered what this fee was in relation to.

This charge was either an administration charge or service fee payable to British Passport Services in relation to a passport form, a package that included a booking at a Passport Office or payment for having someone else attending the Passport Office and securing your new brand new passport on your behalf. You provided your card details to us over the phone.

If you have any questions/enquiries in relation to the charge please contact us at: [email protected] 

Payment Disputes

We record all calls received and should you believe that you were charged the incorrect amount or if you have a dispute in regards to this transaction we can investigate the transaction by listening to the call between yourself and our agent. Our agents make it clear on all calls what service the customer is paying for, that we are not affiliated with Her Majesties Passport Office and that charges are non-refundable however if you do have proof that our agent did not provide the above and you were mislead then we can provide a refund for the full amount paid. If our agent followed the procedure correctly and you received the service you required then we are unable to provide a refund.