Beginning Passport Application Process

You are about to complete an online form that will begin the  process for apply or renew for a UK Passport. This form will be sent to our unaccredited organisation where we will perform a Check & Send service on the information you have submitted. You will then receive the official passport application  form in the post where you simply need to review the details, sign the form and post it to Her Majesty’s Passport Office will your old passport, 2 passport size photos & the passport fee. Need a Passport Urgently? Details here >>

The standard service is not suitable if you are travelling in the next 6 weeks. If you have held a British passport in the past we can secure you a Fast Track 7 day or Premium Service 1 day appointment through one of our packages or you can avoid our charges and services and just pay the passport fee by going through the service or Post Office directly. With both the Premium & Fast Track Service you will either need to travel to one of 7 Passport Offices in the UK or use our independent Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service.

By using our independent service you are entitled to the following package items. Value added services many of which are not available through or the Post Office. The service fee that you pay us provides you with…


UK Services - Unofficial Passport Application Form

UK Services – Passport Application Form (PDF Download)

Or our own Passport Application & Renewal Form which you can Download & Print Off. The data you enter will be checked for errors then transfered over to the above 04 Application form for you to sign and then lodge it at Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s processing division. This Printable PDF Form can be used by those in the United Kingdom and abroad and can also be used by non-British Citizens as we can advise non-British subjects what they have to do to secure a passport. This unaccredited form can only be sent to UK Services’ it cannot be taken to a Passport Office appointment or used through the Post Office. Download the PDF Application Form here >>>