Passport Prices & Fees

The fee’s that British Passport’s incur vary on a number of factors. If the individual was born before 1929 then there is no charge for them to apply or renew their passport, anyone else from baby passports all the way up to adult passports incur charges that must be paid before you can receive a passport.

Passport fee’s range from £46 to £137 depending on the service that you use and are not paid to us or included in our package, they are due to Her Majesty’s Passport Office via the post or on the day of your appointment.

There are also a variety of passport application and renewal services that you can take advantage of if you need a passport within a week then the Fast Track service allows you to receive your passport in a hurry, just 7 days.

The Premium Service lets you receive your passport within 4hrs of your appointment at the Passport Office, although they incur much higher charges then the Standard Passport Application service they do allow you to jump the queue and therefore making it unlikely that you will need tore-schedule or cancel your travel plans.

To find out what the charge will be please complete the below form.

You can pay the passport fees by credit or debit card or cheque if renewing via the Post Office or you pay on the day via credit, debit card or cash if using the 1 week Fast Track or 1 day Premium Service (you do not pay this to us but to Her Majesty’s Passport Office). The passport fee ranges from £46 to £137 and is based on whether it is for a child or an adult and how quickly you need it.


You can complete the passport application form over the telephone or online with us, UK Services. Unlike Her Majesties Passport Office we allow consumers to complete the document over the phone with a specialist answering all of your questions, guiding you through each step as well as advising you what to do next.

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