Lost or Stolen Passport

Losing your passport or having it stolen inĀ is a frustrating affair however there is a simple form for declaring your Passport as Lost or Stolen which begins the process for securing a replacement passport.

In order to issue a replacement passport, His Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) will need the applicants old passport, the paper or online version of the Lost & Stolen Form (LSO1) complete or Section 3 of the paper passport application form completed formally declaring the old passport as lost or stolen.

You can secure a replacement passport with our optional assistance via the Standard Application which will take (up to 6 weeks for you to receive your passport) or the Fast Track Service which takes 7 days. If you are currently overseas elsewhere and need to return immediately to the UK or travel elsewhere then you will need to secure an “Emergency Travel Document”. You should contact the nearest British Embassy to you to secure this.

You cannot use this as a permanent passport through, this will need to be surrendered when you enter the UK. You can report the loss online via Gov.uk, find an online copy of the LS01 form or secure a printed copy for free from major Post Offices or any of the 7 Passport Offices in the England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

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Lost British Passport

If you have lost your British passport either in the UK or abroad you must first report this loss to the Police in the UK or the local authorities in the country that you are in. This is to ensure that the person who finds it does not attempt to start using your identity. Once it has been reported lost the passport will be immediately cancelled and rendered useless. Please note though that once its cancelled it cannot be re-activated, you will need to apply for a new passport. Whilst it will be charged at 100% of the current fee it will have 10 fresh years of validity on it.

We can guide you through the loss process and help you secure a new UK passport here > We can also assist you secure an Urgent Passport Office appointment with our Queue Jumping Service or provide an Appointment Exemption whereby the applicant would not need to attend any of the seven Passport Offices in person we send an agent on your behalf to attend. These are all optional third party services.

Stolen British Passport

If you have had your passport stolen in the UK you must report it to the Police as soon as you can and secure a Crime Reference Number, this helps prevent the person who stole your passport from using it as their identity or for fraudulent purposes. If you are outside of the UK you should report the theft to your local authorities.