Changes to UK Passport

If you need to make any changes to your passport such as changing your last name due to marriage, Deed Poll changing your passport picture etc then you will need to renew your passport. His Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) does not permit any revisions to existing passports you will need to apply for a brand new one.

You can renew your passport with our third party support via three ways: the Standard Application process, 1 Week Fast Track Service or HM Passport Offices’ 1 Day Premium Service. Which service to use depends on how urgently you need the passport. The 1 day service can only be used for standard renewals and if your name has been changed by marriage. If changed via Deed Poll then the 7 day service is the fastest renewal service.

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Cheapest Passport Service

The Standard Application & Renewal Service can take up to 6 weeks and so it is not advisable for those travelling within this time frame. You can start this process online where you complete our online form and pay the passport fee and our third party charge for our services and support. This is our cheapest service. If you do not require any assistance then the cheapest direct method to secure a UK passport is via If you do require our services then you can begin the process here >>

Will Changes Prevent Me from Travelling?

This depends on the exact change. If you have drastically changed your look or considerably matured since your passport picture was taken then it could cause an issue at the airport. Some changes may prevent you from leaving the country whilst others will be unlikely to hinder your travel plans. We strongly recommend that you check before travelling. If in doubt then you can connect to a HM Passport Office agent over the phone here >>

Is My Passport Still Valid?

Whilst a British passport is valid until the expiry date printed on it some countries require you to have up to 6 months left on your passport in order to gain entry into their country. Renewing an Adult Passport will last 10 years from the day that it is printed (not when the application is received).

We advise applicants that if you have less than 6 months left on your passport or that of a loved one that you renew it to ensure you are not denied entry to the country that you are travelling to or incur any other issues. It could also be an issue if your return trip is later then you originally planned and your passport expires or enters the less the 6 months validity period. Start the process with our assistance to renew your passport here >