Emergency British Passport

Traditionally the only way to secure a new Passport on an emergency basis was to book an appointment at one of 7 Passport Office’s throughout the UK, travel to the office, attend the appointment in person (or have an Authorized Person attend) and then wait at least 4hrs for the new passport to be printed (if using the 1 day service).

For consumers who are travelling very soon and those who have work commitments, young children or take care of are a career for a vulnerable person this can be an inconvenient and unnecessarily stressful process. However as of November 2018 our third party organisation launched a service where applicants can now save time, travel & accommodation expenses with a Passport Office Appointment Exemption. Details below…



Lodging & Collection Service – In addition to the passport fee itself you pay an additional charge of £50 to the passport to be lodged at the London Passport Office and then sent onto to a home or office address of your choosing. The new passport is then sent via a reputable courier. However if you are in the London area for an additional, optional charge we may be able to send an agent to hand deliver the new passport to you instead.

Collection Service – If you are lodging your application at the London Passport Office but are unable to collect it due to work or personal commitments then our agent can collect it and either hand deliver it to your work or home address if in the London area or send it via insured courier to any address of your choosing.

How to Receive an Express Passport…

Step 1 = Read the Terms & Service first.

Step 2 = Complete the Online Booking Form here > 

Step 3 = Send the Application Form, Photos & Old Passport to us via Secure Delivery

Step 4 = The application is then Lodged with London’s Passport Office

Step 5 = Your New Passport is Printed and then Hand Delivered or Sent via a Reputable Courier

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Urgent Passport Renewal

To renew your passport via this method you will need…

  • The Official Passport Application & Renewal Form (paper form)
  • 2x Passport Size & Quality Photographs
  • Pay for the Passport fee via Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer
  • Pay our third party fees to provide this service
  • Provide us with any required supporting documents i.e. Marriage Certificate / Deed Poll if you have legally changed your name.