Passport Appointment Package Items

The below represents what optional services we provide as a third party organisation (not affiliated with the government or HM Passport Office) through our helpline and website. Including a number of services that are not available through HMPO’s 0300 helpline, website or the Post Office.

Admin Service Charge (£30 Per Applicant)

This is the default charge that Submission Support Ltd t/a Passport Advice & Services charges for assistance in securing a urgent or standard UK passport through our helpline or website. Full breakdown of the passport fees and our standard, per applicant charge can be found by viewing the table below…

Passport Fees >Child (£)Adult (£)Our Charge (£)Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport4975.503079
7 Day Fast Track12214230152
1 Day PremiumN/A17730207

Passport Office Appointment Exemption (£50 up to two Applicants) – We can provide you with a Passport Office Exemption at no extra charge where the applicant/s will not need to take the day off work to attend the Passport Office saving time, travel and accommodation expenses by sending the old passport and new forms and photographs via post to receive the new passport via secure delivery days later.

Form & Photo Checking Service (£10 Per Applicant) – We can check your submission, form, photographs and supporting documents for errors and omissions and provide advice to help ensure your application is not delayed or rejected. This service is very similar to the £8 Check & Send Service provided by the Post Office.

Queue Jumping Service (£15)

The service has two features. Firstly, HM Passport Office offer a first come first serve policy and so you will receive the next available appointment. Booking through our website will mean that we will attempt to “Queue Jump” you and secure an appointment that either matches one of your preferred times and dates. This is achieved by our back offices commitment to frequently monitoring all HMPO calendars and secure any appointment that better suits our applicants needs from the allocation they were given at the time of booking. Note: We will be unable to move the appointment when it is 2 days or less away due to a restriction by HMPO. Secondly with this service, your booking request will jump to the front of the queue for appointment allocation by our back office team, taking priority over others who have also used our third party organisation meaning that you will have access to the “inside track” of the best allocations.