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The following cover all services provided unaccredited company Submission Support Ltd (contact details >) trading as “Passport Advice & Services” online through our websites, email, letter & other means. You must not use our services if you do not agree with our terms. You can contact us here > if you have any questions.

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Notice – We reserve the right to periodically update our terms & conditions at our sole discretion.

The service is provided by Submission Support Ltd (company number: 11672800) trading as “Passport Advice & Services” via submissionsupport.co.uk, britishpassportservices.co.uk, ukpassportservices.co.uk and ukpassportoffices.co.uk. We provide the following third party services on an unaccredited basis not endorsed by HM Passport Office or the UK government.

Our optional, value added services and charges can be avoided by applying for or renewing a UK passport through official online and offline channels such as via Gov.uk. The primary services we provide are…

• Passport Lodging & Collection Services
• Passport Appointment Services
* Passport Application Assistance
• Passport Information & Advice

Passport Advice & Services aim is to provide helpful information to the best of our ability regarding passport applications and general passport queries via self-taught agents who have many years experience assisting others with a passport application/renewal. Passport Advice & Services cannot accept responsibility for any delays and/or problems with passport applications where reasonable care has been adhered to.

We also offer advice and application processing via our website, whereby you can connect directly to our support staff regarding passport applications and general passport information via email or letter. If at any time during your interaction with us you decide to use our Passport Application Submission Services we will direct you to our third party website. When using our online submission services we will ask for information such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, along with other information regarding your current passport. We may also ask for additional information regarding your family members such as Mother, Father, & Grandparents in order to complete certain types of applications.

Passport Advice & Services will ensure that all information submitted via any of our websites is stored in our secure database. All information obtained by users will only ever be used to submit/process passport applications by Passport Advice & Services and will not be used for any other purposes. In the event that further information is required from an applicant or errors are found with application details, we may contact the user using contact information provided in order to successfully complete an application submission.

Passport Advice & Services is fully compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office and is registered to handle personal details safely & securely under the Data Protection Act, our ICO registration number is: ZA482563. By using our company you also consent to your personal data being shared with His Majesty’s Passport Office.

Passport Advice & Services does not issue British passports directly; we provide a range of ancillary services that we charge a third party fee for. This fee can be avoided in full if you do not wish to use our services and expertise and apply or renew directly with HM Passport Office or via the Post Office.

Passport Advice & Services shall endeavour to provide its services with reasonable skill and care but cannot accept any responsibility should you fail to receive a passport.

The individual completing the online application form is “”the user” and is responsible for conforming to all the legal requirements of His Majesty’s Passport Office.

Passport Advice & Services will do its best to check and verify information supplied by “the user” is correct before submission; we may also contact the user prior to submission if further information is required or errors have been made by the user. We cannot accept any responsibility if the user does not supply the correct information or is not eligible for a UK passport, or subsequently fails to provide any additional documentation to His Majesty’s Passport Office in order to complete their application.

Standard Application/Renewal Package (4-6 Week Process)

Should you complete this form and pay the passport fee and our third party admin charge you will be entitled to the following services and support…

• You will be able to use our mobile app to take your passport photo and pay no extra fee’s for doing so (saving you £6).

• We will then check your entry for any mistakes we believe you have made i.e. year of birth errors, miscategorised renewal type, invalid mobile number, an email address that bounces back, missing fields such as a requirement for a counter signatory and request that you confirm that x information is correct or ask you and provide support for the missing information we require (this service is charged at £16 via the Post Office).

• We will re-size and optimise the photos you send us via email, the mobile app or post and then submit your application via Gov.uk to His Majesty’s Passport Office on your behalf (saving you £10 on the application fee vs applying via the paper form). You will then receive a confirmation email with your PEX tracking number for the application/s within typically 1-3 working days.

• Us applying via Gov.uk is also the fastest way to receive a new passport via the Standard Service over using the Post Office or sending in a paper form.

• You will be able to email any questions, concerns and request status updates via email to a specialist from the day you make the payment to us all the way until the day the new passport/s arrive. Our agent will reply promptly and be on hand to guide you through every stage of the application process.

• His Majesty’s Passport Office typically do not offer refunds on application fees, therefore we are unable to refund any fees related to passports. However they can do so in exceptional circumstances and so we will support you in an attempt to secure a refund on an aborted application. If HMPO refund our payment card then we will of course refund you.

Important: Passport Advice & Services cannot accept responsibility for any of the following in relation to the service provided or rejection of your application by Her Majesty’s Passport Office:

• If you did not provide a valid mobile number and/or email or fail to check your inboxes correctly.
• Failure to provided any requested further information from His Majesty’s Passport Office within their time window.
• Failure to send the correct supporting documents to us or HM Passport Office.

Please note: We charge a fee of £30 per applicant admin fee for the above service, fees shown on the submission form include the full cost of your British Passport in addition to our fee. You will not be required to pay any further fees to His Majesty’s Passport Office in order to receive your Passport.

Online Appointment Booking Package (1 Day & 7 Day Services)

We provide our own online services, whereby customers can request that we book them an urgent 1 Day Premium and Fast-Track 1 Week appointment on their behalf. The benefits of our service are:

• Web form available 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing customers to request appointment dates that work for them and not be forced to choose an undesirable appointment that appears on HMPO’s calendar.
• Avoids the need to call a phone line and wait in a queue for a long period of time (including from abroad)
• Optional Document & Photo Compliance Checking Service, Queue Jumping Service & Passport Lodging & Passport Collection services.
• Ability to Reserve Appointment Slots in our calendar that are 3+ weeks from today (not offered by HMPO)
• You can use our passport photo app for your passport photos at no extra charge. We can edit, re-size and then Print and Post 2 compliant photos to you (saving you £6 in fee’s and the time, travel and parking fees in trying to find a working booth)
• We can post out 1 or more Paper Application form/s to your UK address on request at no extra charge saving you time, travel, parking fees and queuing at the local Post Office to get your own.
• Ongoing advice & guidance provided via e-mail and letter whenever you need it

By using our online booking service you give Submission Support Ltd the right to use your personal information in order to book an appointment directly with His Majesty’s Passport Office on your behalf.

By using our service you understand that the fee paid to Passport Advice & Services includes the full cost of your passport appointment along with a third party admin fee of £30.00 per applicant. Passport Advice & Services cannot accept responsibility for any of the following in relation to the service provided or rejection of your application by His Majesty’s Passport Office:

• If you did not provide a valid mobile number and/or email or have failed to check your email inbox correctly.
• Failure to attend your pre-booked appointment at the confirmed date and time.
• Failure to provide the correct supporting documents when attending your appointment.

Once a booking is made, your booking reference and time slot will be confirmed via E-mail within a specified time period. In the event that a requested appointment could not be booked for the date/time requested Passport Advice & Services will book you in for the next available appointment which may not be one of your selections on the form (unless, when completing the form you requested we cancel your request and refund all monies should we not be able to secure one of your dates). Please see (Refunds/Cancellations) below for more information.

Ancillary Package Services

Our Appointment Packages also has the following additional services. All of which are optional.

  • Document & Photo Checking Service (£10 Per Applicant)
  • Passport Office Appointment Exemption (£50 for up to 2 applicants)
  • Passport Collection & Delivery (£25)
  • Queue Jumping Service (£15)

Document & Photo Checking Service – Our in-house specialists will perform a thorough check of the passport form, supporting documents and photographs to help ensure the application will be accepted first time. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure your passport form, photographs and supporting documents are in order and will be accepted by HM Passport Office we cannot guarantee this nor offer any insurance, warranty that any application will be accepted. Nor can we be responsible for any losses: time, financial or otherwise should any application be rejected or delayed for any reason as the sole decision lies with HM Passport Office. Should your application/s be delayed or rejected due to a compliance check error on our part then a full refund on this service charge will be made.

Passport Office Appointment Exemption – Also known as the “Passport Lodging & Collection Service” applicants can send their forms, photographs to our London based office whereby an agent employed by or sub-contracted by Passport Advice & Services will take the documents and lodge them at the London Passport Office on your behalf. If you also want us to collect the new passport/s then the applicant will need to sign an “Authorization Letter” giving us permission to do this. It is agreed that the fee for this service is payment for our agents time and travel expenses and that regardless of whether the application is accepted, delayed or rejected that payment for this service will still be due as the agents time and travel expenses would not be recoverable.

Collection & Delivery Service – If you lodge your passport at the London Passport Office then we can arrange for one of our agents to collect the new passport/s and send them to you via signed for delivery and so save you from going back later that day or the following day yourself. The applicant/s will need to sign an “Authorization Letter” giving us permission to do this. We also offer a personal delivery service to office and home addresses in the London/Kent/Surrey areas however this rate is variable. You should contact us prior to entering into any contract for an all inclusive quote.

Queue Jumping Service – As a leading third party business that assists applicants secure a UK passport, we have back office staff checking HM Passport Office’s calendars routinely and so are in pole position to secure new appointments when they are released and secure cancelled and re-scheduled slots when they appear on HM Passport Office’s calendar for all seven offices.

The service has two features. Firstly, HM Passport Office offer a first come first serve policy and so you will receive whatever appointment is free at that time. Booking through our website will mean that we will attempt to “Queue Jump” you and secure an appointment that matches one of your preferred times and dates. This is achieved by our back offices commitment to frequently monitor all HMPO calendars and secure you any appointment that better suits your needs from the allocations available when you booked. Note: We will be unable to move the appointment when it is 2 days or less away due to a restriction by HMPO.

Secondly with this service, your original booking request will jump to the front of the queue for appointment allocation by our back office team, taking priority over others who have also used our third party organisation (even if they paid before you) meaning that you will have access to the “inside track” of the best allocations.

This service is ideal for those who need their passport as soon as possible and are inflexible in regards to when they can attend the regional office. By using this service you are paying for the agents time, we cannot and do not guarantee that we can secure you your first choice or earlier appointment as all appointments are subject to availability however, we strive to make our best efforts to do so. As with all our third party services, a full refund is available on this service if you do not believe you received value for money.


Online Application Submission

Refunds of service fees – We are happy to refund any and all of our third party service fees to any customer who feels that our service has not met their expectations. This can either be requested prior to or after our third party services have been performed. Simply email, write to us or use the “Cancellation Request” link on our website.

Refunds of Her Majesty’s Passport Office fees – The majority of the fee you pay includes a His Majesty’s Passport Office fee for one of the following amounts (£53.50 for a child passport, £82.50 for an adult). This fee can only be refunded if the applicants passport has not yet been paid to HM Passport Office.

This is because His Majesty’s Passport Office typically do not offer refunds on application fees, therefore we are unable to refund on this part of the money you paid us (we can on OUR service charges though). However we will work with you try and secure a “good will gesture” refund from HM Passport Office and should they refund us then we will of course refund you.

Online Appointment Booking

Refunds of service fees – We are happy to refund any customer who feels that our booking service provided has not met their expectations, this can either be requested prior or after a booking has been confirmed and sent to you.

Refunds exclude the Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service and the Passport Collection & Delivery Service if they have already been performed as the agents time and travel expenses will have already been incurred and so the costs involved will be unrecoverable. However if neither of these services have yet to be been provided at the time of cancellation then they too can be refunded.

Refunds of Her Majesty’s Passport Office fees – Most of the fee you pay us includes His Majesty’s Passport Office fee for one of the following amounts (£126, £155 or £193.50). This fee can be refunded in FULL if you cancel the service BEFORE we secure you an appointment/s or BEFORE two days before the appointment date. If it is made WITHIN 2 days of the appointment date then HM Passport Office will deduct a £30 fee per applicant fee that we will need to deduct from any refund we make to you.

That being said HM Passport Office do offer full and partial refunds on a discretionary basis and so we will work with you to secure one if your application/appointment is no longer needed. 100% of the monies that we receive from HM Passport Office back on our payment card relating to your application will of course be refunded to you in full.

Cancellation & Refund Details

We request you send any cancellation or refund request for our Application & Booking Packages to: Submission Support Ltd, 8 Deer Park Road, London, SW19 3UU, email: [email protected] or using the “Cancellation Request” link the bottom right of every page on this website. You should expect a refund within 7 days of the request being made.

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