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There are seven Passport Offices in the United Kingdom: London, Liverpool, Peterborough, Durham, Newport, Glasgow and Belfast. All offices offer the 7 Day Fast Track Service and 1 Day Premium Service and typically require the applicant to attend an appointment in person. Our third party organisation can offer a Passport Office Appointment Exemption whereby applicants simply send their old passport and new application form via secure post, it is then lodged at HM Passport Office with the new passport secure via secure courier when printed.

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You can pay for your passport and receive an appointment at any HM Passport Office with us. You will pay for the passport fee due to the Home Office and our third party charge by booking through our independent helpline or website. 

The Fast Track Service can only be used by those who have held a UK passport before, the Premium 1 Day Service also requires that applicants have had a UK passport in the past but it also requires that: applicants are 16yrs of age or older and that the former passport is not lost, stolen or damaged (beyond general wear and tear).

You can secure a free appointment via the service or for a modest fee we can help you secure a  standard Fast Track, Premium or via our Queue Jumping service help you secure an Urgent Appointment >

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The optional Passport Office Appointment Exemption part of the service allows the applicant to choose between visiting the Passport Office themselves or posting their application form, photographs, old passport and having it lodged for them. This saves the applicant time, travel and accommodation expenses from visiting the Passport Office in person. You can request this service when using our online booking form.