Appointment Queue Jumping

The fastest way to secure a British passport is by visiting one of the seven Passport Offices throughout the UK and using the Fast Track 1 week or Premium 1 day service. The issue many who are travelling urgently have faced it securing an appointment before they need to travel.Her Majesty’s Passport Office advise consumers that they should expect to wait up to 2 to 3 weeks for an appointment in order to take advantage of either service

HM Passport Office operates a “first come first serve” policy with appointments (with the exception of applicants who have experienced a family bereavement or are in the armed forces and are about to be deployed). Annual holidays, attending an important business meeting or wedding are not considered emergencies. HMPO recommends that applicants do not book travel before they have secured their passport. If you have already booked flights you may be advised that you should re-arrange your flight or cancel/postpone your trip.

Queue Jumping Service

With cancelling or postponing an important personal or business trip not feasible for many applicants as of November 2018, Passport Advice & Services has introduced a “Queue Jumping Service” whereby you no longer need to be content with the back of the line appointment that you were originally allocated with.

Presuming an earlier or more convenient appointment becomes available we will swap the your original lodging date with the earlier one which could well shave days off the amount of time you had to wait to secure a new passport and allow you to catch your flight.

Access to Queue Jumping Service

This optional service costs £15 and be selected when completing the online form. You will be contacted via email or text message should a more appropriate appointment become available. As we do not have preferential access to any Passport Office’s calendar or appointments we cannot guarantee any appointment time or date or that we can secure you an earlier appointment then the one you are allocated with. However our agents monitor all calendars, multiple times a day and strive to secure you the best appointment possible.