Fast Track Passport (1 Week Service)

Her Majesty’s Passport Office offers a 1 Week Fast Track Passport Renewal Service which allows you to receive a new passport within 7 days rather than up to 6 weeks attending the appointment in person or having an Authorized Person attend on your behalf. You can secure a free 1 week appointment through our unaccredited organization as part of one of our packages. Fee’s you pay British Passport Services do not include the passport fee as this is due to the Passport Office on the day of your appointment. Book a Fast Track Appointment >>

Official Passport Office Notice

3weekaHer Majesty’s Passport Office does advise consumers via the website that securing a Fast Track appointment can take up to 3 weeks however this varies based on the availability of the 7 offices’ calendar which only they have access to. British Passport Services can assist you secure an Emergency Office Appointment >>

Emergency Appointments

As an independent organization British Passport Services has some appointments at all 7 Passport Offices due to many consumers sending their documents to us so that we can arrange an Authorized Person to attend the appointment for them and so presuming you need an Appointment the Same or Next Day we can usually re-arrange one of our non-urgent appointments that was going to be used by one of our clients who does not need a passport urgently and allocate it to you presuming you need an Need a Passport in 1 not 7 Days? >>


Unless using British Passport Services’ Emergency Passport Service you will not be able to complete the Fast Track service online, over the phone or via post you will need to make provisions to find the nearest Passport Office to San Diego and travel there in person on the day of your booking or authorize another to attend the meeting on your behalf. The Fast Track Service is not available for first time applicants unless its a childs’ (under 16yrs of age) first British Passport. Contact us on: 0203 600 1984 for details.

British Passport Services (independent to HMPO) can book you a free Fast Track appointment at the Glasgow, Liverpool, Durham, Peterborough, London, Newport or Belfast regional Passport offices at a date and time that suits you. You should allow at least 1hr for your appointment and arrive at least 15-30 minutes before your allocated time to ensure you have enough time to pass through security. More information call: 0203 600 1984

Therefore you need to weigh up the benefits of this as oppose to waiting for the passport using the standard form available from post offices or online. As part of the passport packages that we offer, we can secure you a free Fasttrack appointment at any of the 7 Passport Offices nationwide. Need a Same Day Passport? >>

Can’t Attend the Appointment in Person?

If you need your passport within 7 days but are unable to take a day off work or travel to the Passport Office appointment yourself then you can allow an Authorized Person to attend the appointment on your behalf.  We can attend your appointment and send you your new passport via either same day motorcycle courier or using Royal Mails’ guaranteed next day service (Special Delivery) without you having to leave the house.

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