Glasgow Passport Office

This is the only office located in Scotland, the opening hours for this office are 9am until 3pm Monday to Friday. You must make an appointment before you attend or you will not be seen. If you are paying on the day of your appointment you must do so be credit or debit card. Alternatively you may pay up to six days in advance using the relevant payment forms and pay by bankers draft, postal order and debit or credit card. The standard fees for passports are as follows:

  • A adult passport costs £72.50
  • A child’s passport costs £46.00
  • An adult passport with more pages costs £85.50. This is particularly useful if you travel frequently.

If you require a passport urgently then the fee is more for fast tracking your application. Please note that there is an extra service charge if you buy a package.

If you require your documents to be sent back by secure postage then you will pay more for this.