Liverpool Passport Office

Liverpool is in the north western region of England. The Liverpool Passport Office is located near Moorfields station. This office is open on Saturdays offering flexibility for people who work during the week. This office offers the premium and 1 week service depending on the circumstances. British Passport Services can arrange both types of appointments for you. The most common mistake people make when filling out their application is that they do not attach suitable photographs. This can cause your application to be delayed and if you are travelling soon this can cause you problems and possibly delay your travels. It is important to remember to not smile in pictures and that they must be of a high quality, pictures taken at home will not often meet this strict criteria. Another important factor is to ensure that the background of the photograph is the correct colour. It must be a light grey colour background. Not abiding by these rules will cause a delay in processing your application. So it is important that you bear this in mind when making an application.