Appointment Queue Jumping

The fastest way to secure a British passport is using either the Fast Track 1 week or Premium 1 day service where you or an authorized person will need to attend an appointment at one of the 7 Passport Offices located throughout the country. However due to Her Majesty’s Passport Office receiving more applications in 2014 then it has done so in the previous 10yrs the advice provided on the website advises consumers that they should expect up to 2 to 3 weeks for an appointment to lodge their application for the 1 day or 1 week service.

Priority Appointments for those Travelling Soon

With many consumers concerned that they may miss their holiday due to the reported back log at the Passport Office, UK Services has introduced a Queue Jumping Service applicants who are travelling urgently receive priority access to appointments over those who are not travelling in the near future. This service has already helped many applicants make their flight or holiday and is becoming an increasingly popular part of our service. A screen shot of our 24/7 online re-booking resource can be found below…


Whilst the service operates a “first come first serve” policy with passport office appointments with the exception of applicants who have experienced a family bereavement or are in a genuine need to travel consumers are routinely denied an urgent appointment if the quota has been reached on the system even if it the applicants only holiday of the year, they risk losing their job if they cannot travel applicants are often told that nothing can be done, they should try and call back for a cancellation otherwise re-book their flight.

Where we offer a “needs based” policy as because UK Services books many consumers in for their appointment as part of our passport package each week we now ask each applicant whether they are travelling soon and whether they can be flexible with the date that they can lodge their application at the office. Those that advise us that they can be flexible and explicitly state that they would be willing to forfeit their current appointment if another applicant uses our service and stresses that they need the passport urgently due to travelling on their annual holiday, need to travel due to work or a family bereavement then they wont be placed at the back of the line but instead be able to “queue jump” by using the first applicants appointment.

Access to Queue Jumping Resource

You are provided with access to the Queue Jumping Service as part of our appointment package that you pay once you complete our online booking form. You will be allocated with a secure login and password that will allow you to move forward or back your appointment online 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world where as prior to July 2014 the only way this was possible was to call the helpline number, wait on hold and hope that your call had been made at a time when a cancellation had come in. Have us Book You an Urgent Appointment here >>>

What Happens to the Original Applicant?

If the original applicant who was generous enough to allow another consumer in need use their appointment has their appointment taken via our Queue Jumping Website then our back office contacts the Passport Office in question, cancels the first appointment then re-books it under the consumer who is in a rush. The original customer then joins the back of the queue and receives a new date that is convenient for them.