Authorizing Another to Attend Your Appointment

When renewing your passport via the 7 day Fast Track or 1 day Premium Service the applicant themselves must visit one of the seven regional Passport Offices throughout the UK in person someone which is not required for the standard 4-6 week renewal service where the Standard Application form is simply sent via the post.

Auth LetterThe Passport Office understands that for many consumers it can be very inconvenient to take the day off work and incur travel and accommodation expenses travelling to their nearest Passport Office so they can secure an express passport and so via an Authorization Letter you can give permission for a family member / friend or colleague to attend the meeting on your behalf. You will need an Approved Authorization Letter >>>

There is a specific criteria for how the Authorization Letter needs to be laid out,  how can attend on for you and what documentation they will need to bring of their own when lodging your passport. Whilst you can create your own letter at no charge, British Passport Services can provide you with an Authorization Letter that has been approved by a solicitor allowing another to attend in your place. We can create the letter recognized at all 7 Passport Offices in the United Kingdom the same day for you, all we need are the details of the applicant and the person who is attending on their behalf. Request Approved Authorization Letter here >>>

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Who Needs an Authorization Letter?

If the applicant is not attending the appointment them self then the person attending on for them will need an authorization letter otherwise the Passport Office will refuse to accept the passport application forms. A Post Office study outlines that 1/3rd of applications lodged directly with Her Majesty’s Passport Office are rejected due to documents completed incorrectly or missing and non-compliant photographs. Delaying the allocation of the passport. British Passport Services can provide you with an Authorization Letter that is guaranteed to be accepted by all 7 Passport Offices. Authorize Another to Attend Your Appointment >>

Who Can Attend Your Appointment?

Providing they are over 18yrs of age then any of the below can attend the Passport Office appointment on the applicants behalf. British Passport Services can arrange an Authorized Agent to attend on the applicants behalf if you do not have a family member, friend of colleague who can attend on the applicants behalf.

Passport Office Appointments

You will not be seen without an appointment at one of the UK’s Passport Offices and so you if you are not applying via the Standard Application route and wish to have your passport renewed within 7 days (the Fast Track Service) or within 1 day (the Premium Service) then you will need to book an appointment with your nearest passport office. We can book you in at the passport office of your choice, simply call us on the number below. If you require an urgent appointment then we recommend the Emergency Passport Service.