Emergency Travel Document

If you have lost your passport abroad in United States or another country and urgently need to return to the United Kingdom then you will need to secure an Emergency Travel Document, this will give you authorization to return to the UK, after this the document will expire and you will then need to apply for a replacement passport when back in the country. If you are in United States or overseas elsewhere and you are not travelling within the next few days we can help secure you a new Fast Track Passport from abroad where you can receive a new passport within a week that will be valid for 10yrs. Contact us: 0203 600 1984 for details.


We’ll Find The Closest Embassy to You

The secure an Emergency Travel Document you will first need to report the passport as lost or stolen (if appropriate), secure two passport size pictures, complete the C1 application form, outline your travel plans to the appropriate authorities, pay the correct fee and visit the countries local embassy before you can secure an Emergency Travel Document that will allow you to return to the United Kingdom.

This process can be frustrating and time consuming and so British Passport Services can walk you through every step of the process and help you find the nearest embassy to San Diego or your current location. Our helpline: 0203 600 1984 is a standard landline number which can be reached from overseas when you add +44 and remove the first zero. You may find using a calling card is the cheapest way to contact us. In addition to that you can contact us via Live web chat and Skype for free. Need a New Passport within a Week?


Need to Return from United States Immediately?

If your passport is expired and you have not gone through the process of securing an Emergency Travel Document then you will not be able to travel. The ETD is the fastest way to be able be permitted to come back to the UK. You can avoid the ETD fee and just incur the charges related to renewing a passport or securing a replacement by using our International Fast Track Service or the Standard Application service if using the Standard service then please note it can take up to 6 weeks to receive your new passport.

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