British Passport Photographs

Passport Pictures

You cannot just forward the Passport Office any picture of yourself even it it matches the strict criteria outlined but is not the approved width and length. Standard size photographs will not be suffice, there are also certain rules that will mean that your application or renewal will be rejected if the passport pictures are unsuitable. For example you are not permitted to smile on your passport photograph, have hair that covers your face, wear a hat as well as many other conditions that will lead to a refusal to process your application or at least delay in securing your passport. We suggest that you take independent advice from us before sending them in…

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If you are applying for a childs passport there is a certain criteria that is required to ensure that the passport picture will be approved. Babies for example must not have a dummy or anything else in their mouth, must not be on the lap of another, must not be looking away from the camera. Should any of these criteria not be followed then the childs passport will not be able to be issued. Have questions? Call: 0203 600 1984

passport-photos-picturesCountersigned Photographs

You will need to send a number of passport photographs, one is not enough and depending on the service that you are applying for you may need to have at least one photograph certified and counter signed by someone who the Her Majesties Passport Office considers authorized to confirm your identity. Those who are just colleagues are not permitted to countersign.

Passport Picture Sizes

The passport picture must be the standard size taken from a photo booth or studio. The governments passport office will not accept any standard photographs that have been cut down to size. Requirements include being clear and sharp focus, taken on a cream or plain grey background, not showing any “red eye”, no eye glasses, without any shadows and be on high quality photographic paper, photos taken from home (even with photograph style paper) are unlikely to be of high enough quality. For assistance contact us onĀ 0203 600 1984 or email