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Child Passport Renewal / Application

Those who are under 16 years of age qualify for a Children’s passport. Ever since 1990 a baby or child cannot be added to a parents passport. All individuals regardless of their age now require their own passport. The fee for a child’s passport is approximately 40% lower than an adult passport. Once the child is over 16 and wishes to renew the passport they must apply for an adult passport. With an adult first time passport only the Standard Application service can be used however with a first time child passport the Fast Track 1 Week service can be utilized. For details on these services simply call: 0203 600 1984

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We can help upgrade a child’s passport into an adult one or help you apply or renew a current child passport. Our service offers many benefits, in addition to the convenience of you being able to complete the passport application form over the internet or via telephone. We can walk you step by step through the process of applying for a passport for your child or baby via email or on: 0203 600 1984. If you are unable to wait up to 6 weeks for the passport then you can take advantage of the Fast Track or Premium Services‘ which allows you to expedite the process and receive your passport within one week or one day for Premium.


Get Your Child’s Passport within 7 Days

The Fast Track Service lets you receive your child’s passport within one week. This service is not available under all circumstances however it can be used if you have lost the passport or it’s been stolen and you require the passport back urgently. The Fast Track Service reduces the wait time to receive a replacement from 6 weeks to just 7 days. This service comes with a premium however reduces the wait time by 80%. You can contact British Passport Services to book a free Fast Track appointment on: 0203 600 1984

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Get Your Child’s Passport within 1 Day

If you are need a child’s passport renewed as soon as possible then the Premium Service allows you to receive the passport within 4 hours of the passport office appointment. You can request an immediate booking with HMPO for their Premium Service, should they not have one within the next day or so you may be interested in an Emergency Passport that ensures that you receive an appointment for either today or tomorrow (excluding bank holidays/weekends). You can contact British Passport Services on: 0203 600 1984