Passport Applications

The Standard Passport Application service takes up to 6 weeks to receive your passport. This is for first time passport applications and for adult and child passport renewals. The busiest time of the year for passport applications is during the Summer months and so you should expect to wait the greatest amount of time between May to September each year. Cant wait 6 weeks? click here >>>

If you are not travelling between now and 6 weeks then this service is ideal however if you are travelling within the next few weeks then we strongly recommend taking advantage of the Fast Track Service where you can receive your passport within 1 week or the Premium Service where you can receive your passport within as little as 4hrs. We can complete the Passport Application form for you over the telephone…

Passport Application Line: 0203 640 7798

The above number is a standard rate helpline number which will not charge you a premium to call. Although it depends on your landline or mobile providers price plan if you receive free calls to numbers starting 01/02/03 then calling the above number will be free for you.



You can complete the passport application form over the telephone or online. Unlike Her Majesties Passport Office we allow consumers to complete the document over the phone with a specialist answering all of your questions, guiding you through each step as well as advising you what to do next.